This Pokemon Card Deck is Called Rainshower
>1 Blastoise >1 Gyardos >1 Poliwrath >2 Warturtle >2 Squirtle >2 Poliwhirl >2 Poliwag >1 Magikarp >1 Articuno >2 Dewgong >2 Seel >2 Omastar >2 Omanyte >2 Mysterious Fossil >2 Super Energy Removal >1 Pokecenter >2 Recycle >1 Pokemon Breeder >1 Clefairy Doll >30 Water Energy You attack first with the seels and Dewgongs because thae are the distracting pokemon as you charge a Blastoise, Gyardos, Poliwrath, Omastar, and articuno. If you loose Omastar there is another. Also if you loose a lot of good cards like Articuno use recycle to get it. E-mail me with suggestions.