This Pokemon card deck is called Wall Stall

Wall Stall

There is mainly only one way to win with this deck: run your opponent out of cards.  Featuring the best wall in the game, the mighty Chansey. Use Alakazam's Damage Swap ability to move damage to pokemon without many energy attached and keep your active pokemon healthy and use Pokemon
Centers to remove all damage from your beat up pokemon. Of course, the deck does feature some offense.  Hitmonchan is one of the best pokemon for dealing out beatings.  Jynx is an excellent pokemon for dealing damage.
   Trainers, such as Energy removal will slow down your opponents attack. Computer search will help get Alakazam out on the table to control the hits you take.  Finally, what might seem like a useless card at fist--Imposter Professor Oak--becomes a dynamo in this deck as it helps hasten your opponent decking himself.



 4 Abra
 3 Alakazam
 4 Chansey
 4 Hitmonchan
 4 Jynx
 3 Kadabra
 3 Computer Search
 4 Energy Removal
 2 Imposter Professor Oak
 1 Pokemon Breeder
 3 Pokemon Center
 3 Super Energy Removal
 3 Double Colorless Energy
 7 Fighting Energy
 12 Psychic Energy