This pokemon card deck is called the mystic-Zap

3 Electabuzz
1 Electabuzz promo
3 pikachu jungle
2 raichu  fossil
3 voltorb rocket
1 electrode jungle
1 dark electrode
4 dratini rocket
4 dark dragonair

26 electric energy
2 double colrless

2 bill
1 superpotion
2 potion
1 energy retreival
2 energy removal
1 super energy removal
This is how to play it.

You start youre offense with electubuzz. while fighting with electabuzz
u have the chance to prepare the other pokemon since electabuzz has low 
energy riquirement. so u prepare your pikachus and voltorbs and with the 
help of dark dragonair's pokemon power u evolve them to charge them up.

Pikachu and raichu thats the offense key with their  attack, attack bench 
pokemon for later damage.

Electrode is almost the same as pikachu and raichu u hit your opponent and 
bam u do ten damage to all of his kind  and dark electrod4e is a charge up 
pokemon in youre pokemon need energy

Combine this pokemon with the mystical dragonair and u get the mysticzap deck

U help pokemon with trainer such potion and super potion

the energys removal are a life saver to heat up your opponent by losing 

in case youre opponet backstrikes with energy removal of his own u have 
your energy retreivals.

Credit to Marcus Cardero