This Pokemon card deck is called Mr. Mimes Box

Mr. Mime's Box

The stratagy behind this deck is to get Mr. Mime out and use his Pokemon Power to block attacks 30 and over and then to have an Alakazam on the bench with a couple of Chanseys or lickitungs to soak up damage. The potoions, Super potions, and Poke Centers are in the deck to get rid of the damage so that Mr. Mime can live.
Here's the deck:   
4 Abra 
4 Lickitung 
3 Mr. Mime 
3 Kadabra 
3 Chansey 
2 Alakazam   

4 Potion 
4 Super Potion    
4 Pokecenter 
4 Full Heal 
2 Bill 
2 Oak   

22 Psychic