FLAMING FOREST Energy:-10 grass -14 fire -2 double colourless Grass :-4 bulbasaur -3 ivysaur -1 venusaur Fire :-4 charmander -3 charmeleon -1 charazard -Yes I know this card is rare $58(Canadien) -2 growlith but for all of you that have him... -1 arcanine Colourless:-4 chansey Trainers :-2 pokémon breeder -1 pokémon trader -2 super potion -2 swithch -2 bill In this deck your main idea is to get chasey out early(poké. trader, bills)You let them take the damage and slow down the game.(super potion) During this time you are evolving your other pokémon... then all out attack util you dispose of him.