This Pokemon card deck is called Colorless Corruption

Colorless Corruption 
The main goal of Colorless Corruption is to stall while building up energy on Wigglytuff and then strike at your opponent's pokemon with Wigglytuff's Do The Wave attack. This deck focuses mainly on 2 pokemon: Hitmonchan, Starmie, and Wigglytuff. Hitmonchan can take out a few of your opponet's pokemon while you build up Wigglytuff. If Hitmonchan is taken out, Starmie can Paralyze and hurt the defending pokemon while using recover to stay in there a LONG, LONG, time. Then, when Starmie is finally taken out (if he is taken out, for that matter) send Wigglytuff in there to do some serious damage.  Squirtle And Wartortle are in there as some seriously good backup. The PokeBall is in there if you have a Wigglytuff but not the Jigglypuff. I have included a lot of Energy Removals in this deck incase your opponet has a Charizard or something like that that is taking out all your essential pokemon. Trust me, it may seem not like much, but I have never lost a match to anyone using this deck.   

2 Wartortles  
3 Onix  
1 Seaking  
1 Goldeen  
1 Machoke  
4 Squirtle  
3 Machops  
2 Staryu  
1 Starmie  
2 Sandshrew  
1 Jigglypuff  
1 Wigglytuff  
2 Farfetch'd  
1 Hitmonchan  
1 Super Energy Removal  
2 PokeBall 
3 Energy Removal
1 Professor Oak 
1 Plus Power 
15 Fighting Energy 
15 Water Energy

Submitted by visser3