This Pokemon card deck is called 3rd Degree Burn

3rd Degree Burn 
The main idea of this deck is to defeat your opponent quickly and fiercely 
while still having Pokémon with tons of Hp to take any and all damage brought 
on by the opponent.The potions are to ensure that you Pokémon are still ready 
to fight and the energy retrievals are to make sure you have enough fire 
energy. Switch is to save energy cards, so you don't have to do the retreat 

4 Charamanders
2 Charmeleons
1 Charizard
4 Growlithe
2 Arcanine
2 Vulpix
1 Ninetails
4 Ponyta
2 Rapidash 
4 Potion
2 Super Potion
4 Bill
4 Energy Retrieval  
4 Switch
2 Plus Power  
18 Fire energy

This deck has won my many battles, I hope it helps you!