How to Compare One Coffee Franchise to Others

A coffee franchise in most areas is a solid business decision. The complication often arises when deciding on one coffee franchise over its many worthy competitors. There are many franchises on the market that offer coffee as a primary source of revenue. Consider some of the following things when deciding which coffee franchise is the best one to meet your needs while promising the most solid financial future for your business needs.

Start up fees. Different coffee franchises will have different requirements for building space, design, décor, equipment, inventory, and other associated fees in order to begin your business. Make a list of all the franchises you are interested in purchasing, the fees involved in starting the business, and what is included in those fees as well as what other money you may need to come up with on the front end of your business venture.

Financing. Many coffee franchises have resources to help those who wish to buy into the franchise find financing. Some do not however. If there are opportunities for financing within the franchise this is a plus to many would be franchise owners while others prefer to come up with their own financing. Some franchises also require those who buy into the franchise to have a certain amount of money to invest in addition to any financing. You need to hammer out all the fine print and financial details before making any decisions or property purchases.

Franchise fees. Every franchise has fees associated with buying into the franchise. In essence you are 'renting' the name of the parent company in order to run your business. Each franchise will have certain requirements of those who buy into the franchise by means of monthly fees, advertising contributions, required inventory, and other requirements that may not exactly be financial (among these are uniforms, store policies, and procedures for paperwork). Understand before buying into a coffee franchise exactly how much the franchise fees will be each year (or what percentage of your revenue will be required) and what those fees buy you as the franchise owner.

Training/Support. This is the final of the major considerations you need to check when comparing one coffee franchise with others. A company that offers a true partnership and extensive training and support to franchise owners is worth its weight in gold. You need to find out how much training and support are offered, how they are offered, when they are offered, and what this will mean to you as a franchise owner. A company that offers virtually unlimited training to help you get business up and running is worth more money and higher fees than those that leave you to tread water until you sink or swim.

Consider each of these things when comparing coffee franchises for purchase. Decide which issues are most important to you and which franchise opportunity is most likely to offer all the things you are looking for your investment. That will be the best possible choice though you might want to keep a top 3 list in case something falls through in the process.


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20th September 2014 - 9:51am

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